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Traveling Along The Path of Enlightenment

August 12, 2018

What if further light in Masonry involved taking a step backward and reanalyzing what you thought you already knew?  A trip down memory lane can quickly turn into the beginning of a never-ending quest for knowledge you never even knew you were missing. 


On August 9, 2018, the Brothers of Hialeah-Opa-Locka Lodge No. 391 in the 27th Masonic District of Florida opened their doors to Brothers from thirteen different lodges in three different jurisdictions throughout the state for a Masonic lecture titled “The Entered Apprentice Degree Dissected.”


The lecture was conducted by R:. W:. Joseph Fleites and R:. W:. Albert Claycomb, both Past District Deputy Grand Masters of the former 35th Masonic District, now the 27th District.


The lecturers helped Brothers revisit the first steps taken in our masonic journey by carefully detailing the philosophical and esoteric lessons taught in the Entered Apprentice Degree. They facilitated the Brothers in attendance further understanding of what the initial introduction to our craft is all about. 


With a renewed push for more Masonic education throughout the state of Florida, it is hoped that presentations like this will reignite a search for deeper meaning in the lessons taught in our ritual.  Brothers were encouraged to take the information they learned and share it with their respective lodges to further promote the search for enlightenment.


Plans are underway to hold a similar lecture in South Florida, but next time the lecture will delve deep into the Fellowcraft Degree and eventually additional lectures will dig deeper into the Master Mason Degree.


The quest for light is forever within our grasp, but we must be willing to travel on the path towards enlightenment to attain it.



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