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Another Round of Masonic Leadership Training at HOL 391

An educated Mason is a dedicated Mason. We've all heard this proverbial saying time and time again and it couldn't be heard louder or clearer than in the 27th Masonic District of Florida.

On Saturday, September 29, 2018, the first few sections of the Masonic Leadership Training course were held at Hialeah-Opa-Locka Lodge No. 391 in Spanish, for the second time in 2018.

Masonic Leadership Training at Hialeah-Opa-Locka Lodge No. 391

Over 30 Brothers from the different Spanish language lodges throughout South Florida gathered together to partake in this unique school of instruction.

The course was coordinated by W:. Miguel Rivera, Past Master of Clyde S. McClaren Lodge No. 395 and current District 27 Chairman for Masonic Leadership Training. The instruction was conducted by M:. W:. Jorge Aladro, Past Grand Master of Masons in Florida.

Brothers of the 27th Masonic District of FL during MLT

The Masonic Leadership Training Program began eight years ago with a curriculum aimed at setting guidelines for goal setting within lodges and instructing Brothers on the duties and responsibilities of every lodge officer.

Another session of Masonic Leadership Training is currently being scheduled for another date in the near future. Anyone interested in attending the next series of MLT classes can get more information by reaching out to W:. Miguel Rivera at

The Brothers of Hialeah-Opa-Locka Lodge No. 391 are proud to have been able to facilitate this kind of Masonic Instruction at our lodge. We look forward to hosting more MLT classes in the future and hope that any Brother interested in learning more about our craft attends.

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