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Light & Brotherhood Without End

The EA Degree DISSECTED Lecture, held on August 09, 2018

As we continue to build together in 2018, we take time to pause and reflect on what we hold so dear, our Brotherhood. The 3rd quarter of this year has brought us further light and an opportunity to share that light with Brothers from across the 27th Masonic District of Florida and beyond. The summer time usually allows us to spend more quality time with our loved ones. Brothers are no exception. A group of Brothers took time to spread the cement of brotherly love with our Brethren from Oleeta West Dade Lodge No. 145 during their annual 4th of July Barbecue. The month of August proved to be one of the busiest months, thus far, this year. In the beginning of the month, we had the distinguished pleasure of hosting a district-wide Masonic education lecture to learn more about the esoteric and philosophical lessons taught to us during the Entered Apprentice Degree. This first-of-its-kind lecture titled "The Entered Apprentice Degree DISSECTED" was hosted by R:. W:. Joseph Fleites and R:. W:. Albert Claycomb, both Past District Deputy Grand Masters of the former 34th Masonic District of Florida. The attendance of 50 Brothers from 13 different lodges in three different jurisdictions throughout the state made it a tremendous success. The event proved to be a source of inspiration for many of the Brothers of Hialeah-Opa-Locka Lodge with the whole of the lodge gaining a renewed fervor for Masonic education as a result. A tremendous amount of emphasis has since been put in the Masonic education of Brothers throughout the three degrees and after becoming a Master Mason. Our lodge instructors have been hard at work teaching our ritual to other Brothers while searching for new and innovative ways to fine-tune our work. R:. W:. District Deputy Grand Master Armando Mitat, of the 27th Masonic District, made his official visit to our lodge

a week later. This marked the 2nd official visit by a DDGM in 2018.

R:. W:. Armando Mitat's official visit to Hialeah-Opa-Locka Lodge No. 391