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Hialeah-Opa-Locka Lodge No. 391 Promotes Literacy within Inner City Communities

Boxes and boxes of books oh my! What to do with so many books? Donate them to a good cause and give back to the community.

The Brothers with the book donations

The Brothers of Hialeah-Opa-Locka Lodge No. 391 spent the month of March collecting books from friends, family and co-workers to coordinate their annual BOOKLEGGERS Book Drive.

About 300 books were collected and donated to BOOKLEGGERS Library in Miami, FL. The organization is a mobile library that sets up rotating venues once a month and distributes free books to the public.

One of the organization’s goals is to promote literacy in inner city neighborhoods which has led to the installation of a series of book boxes in certain areas in and around Miami. People can visit the book boxes and browse for free or drop off books.

Education is paramount to the progression of society and this annual book donation provides an opportunity to help educate others and promote reading in areas where it is otherwise difficult to have access to literature.

Anyone interested in donating directly can visit the BOOKLEGGERS website at

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